Electrotherapy includes the use of electrical energy for medical treatment. Included as a part of many treatments, electrotherapy uses electric current for speedy wound healing. It is an important component of physiotherapy and is used to treat different medical conditions. In recent times, more and more therapists have adopted Electrotherapy Equipment to provide fast and effective treatments to patients. Different types of electrotherapy equipment are available in the market which covers a diverse range of applications. With the advancement in technology, many kinds of equipment used for electrotherapy have been introduced. Some of the most commonly used equipment includes:


Muscle Stimulator: This equipment is used for stimulating muscle contractions using electric impulses. Such equipment is mainly used by athletes and chiropractors. Biofeedback Equipment: This device is used by therapists to get an audio and visual feedback of the patients’ response to the kind of treatment they are being provided. Laser: It is designed to penetrate tissues to increase blood flow. This device helps the patients to heal rapidly. TENS: TENS stands for ‘Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation’. This device is used to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes by using electric currents. Interferential: This is used for stimulation of nerves through low frequency electric currents. This device ensures painless stimulation and produces no side effects.

Widely researched and accepted in the field of rehabilitation, electrotherapy is mainly used for:

Improving joint management Accelerating absorption rate Increasing the mobility of blood cells and proteins Enhancing micro circulation and protein synthesis Improving local blood flow Treating neuromuscular dysfunction Restoring integrity of connective and dermal tissues Retarding muscle atrophy Find out why…

Electrotherapy is mainly used for relaxing muscle spasms, increasing local blood circulation, maintaining range of motion, managing chronic pain and healing wounds. Electrotherapy devices are known to treat chronic wounds and pressure ulcers. Equipment that focus on hot or cold therapy and massage therapy are also available these days. Hot packs and cold packs are used to reduce pain and inflammation. Therapists also use massage chairs and tables to effectively massage the clients.


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